la Cimbali CM On Demand Grinder

la Cimbali CM On Demand Grinder

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The la Cimbali coffee grinder CM On Demand is a whole coffee bean grinder which grounds directly into the portafilter before the espresso is extracted.

Easy to use delivering a precise dose for a better in the cup aroma. Micrometric screw adjustment of the grind setting with the value directly visible on the electronic display.

The electronic display independently sets the double and single dose settings. Grinder bean hopper is equipped with a safety micro-switch and portafilter height adjustable forks.

Grinding is delivered via 64mm flat burrs.

Flat 64mm blades
Electronic grinder-doser
Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.
Single and double dose with independent adjustment.
Digital display
Push button panel operating device.
Output 2 g/s [These data refer to grinding for an Italian espresso coffee]
Made in Milan, Italy


BRAND                                                la Cimbali

MACHINE USE                                    Commercial / Domestic                        

MATERIAL COLOUR                          Alloy Cast Body 

BLADE TYPE                                   Flat 64mm

CONTROL                                     Electronic

HOPPER CAPACITY                          1.15 kg

DIMENSIONS (mm) – WxDxH    194 x 368 x 510

POWER                                                0.36 Kw