Faema E98 UP S/2 group
Faema E98 UP S/2 group
Faema E98 UP S/2 group
Faema E98 UP S/2 group

Faema E98 UP S/2 group

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The E98UP is an elegant, versatile machine that is easy to use and maintain.

Ergonomic and robust, the E98UP is made of steel. Its fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system is reliable and guarantees top performance, for excellent results in the cup every time.

The FAEMA coffee machine is the tool that allows you to set your passion for coffee in motion.

Each of 2 group heads incorporates a new electro-mechanical backlit LED key for continuous ON/OFF delivery to ensure prompt and precise delivery.

With improved delivery height, spout to tray of 93mm and a deeper drain tray to improve outflow. Self-levelling of water in boiler. Dual pressure gauge for checking the pressure of the pump and boiler.

The E98UP incorporates 2 new longer ergonomic steam wands and 1 hot water tap. Comes in three colours (black, white and red).

Pressure stat
Manual espresso extraction
Electronic group valves
2 longer steam wands
1 hot water tap
Improved drain tray
LED group head working lights
Made in Milan, Italy


BRAND                                                Faema

MACHINE USE                                    Commercial                          

MATERIAL COLOUR                          Stainless steel and Black, White, Red 

MACHINE TYPE                                  Thermosiphon system

GROUP HEAD                                     continuous ON/OFF

TEMP. CONTROL                                Pressure Stat

INSULATED BOILER                          Yes 11 litre

PUMP                                                   Rotary

PUMP LOCATION                                Internal

WATER LOCATION                              Plumb in Only

TALL CUP AVAILABLE                        Yes

DIMENSIONS (mm) – WxDxH    820 x 518 x 552

POWER                                                4.1 - 4.8 Kw

CONNECTIVITY                                   No