Ankomn Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container
Ankomn Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container

Ankomn Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container

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Ankomn Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Storage Container.
What makes Turn-N-Seal so special is it is just so easy to use. The lid may be thinner than a pizza, but inside that innovative lid is the power to create a string vacuum in just one move, simply turn the knob!                                                                  
With no batteries or cables, Turn-N-Seal is designed to last. In fact, if you used Turn-N-Seal to create a vacuum every day, it would last for at least 5.000 days.
Perfect For Stacking, Everlock`s modular design means they stack vertically, providing safe, secure storage while saving valuable space in your kitchen. It looks great too!
Turn-N-Seal doesn’t just create a powerful vacuum, it prevents moisture from entering the container. In every lid you can find a silicon indicator, this sinks down when there is a vacuum present, so you always know at a glance.
What's in the box?
1 x Ankomn Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container 1.2L (40% black) or (clear)                                                    
DIMENSIONS depth: 110mm width: 110mm height: 200mm         
EASY TO CLEAN easy to disassemble, making it more convenient for you. HAND WASH ONLY.
PREMIUM QUALITY Impact-durable/Impact resistance                    HEAT STABLE It features high resistance to corrosion and can withstand temperatures from -20 to 85° Celsius or -4 to 185° Fahrenheit.
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